New Air Venturi Compressors to Hit the Market this Spring
January 23, 2023

Cleveland, OH - Air Venturi, an industry leader in high pressure air fill systems launches two new compressors at SHOT Show 2023.

The first of these launches is the Krypton. This large compressor is perfect for those looking to refill their large volume air cylinders up to 4500 PSI. Featuring enhanced on-board filtration, the Krypton produces dry air for an affordable price. The unit also includes an auto-shut off that is user adjustable to the output pressure they desire. “The Krypton is a great tool for end users and dealers alike. It’s a fantastic option for local shops that want to provide air for their customers, and it keeps your customers coming back.” says Scott Stevens, Air Venturi National Sales Manager. The Krypton has an MSRP of $1699.99 and is expected to begin shipping in May.

The RovAir is Air Venturi’s latest portable compressor offering. With an MSRP of just $529.99, this unit is the manufacturers most competitively priced compressor to date. “Our Nomad compressor has a great following and is now on its third generation, the RovAir takes a lot of what we’ve learned with the Nomad line and strips out some of the frills. We were able to price this very attractively without sacrificing quality or fill time” says Val Gamerman, President.

Air Venturi has kept the maintenance free nature of their latest Nomad III compressor, and the fill times as well. Filling the popular Avenger rifle from 0 to 4350 PSI in just over 7 minutes, the RovAir gets you shooting just as fast as the more expensive unit. While it’s not rated to fill larger, stand alone air tanks, it’s perfect to refill your PCP rifles and pistols. “I like to say the RovAir provides fast fills, without the frills” Gamerman added. “It’s a simple unit that most users will have no trouble getting along with, and you can still run it off of your car battery for refills in the field.”

Like the Krypton, the RovAir is expected to begin shipping to dealers in May. Visit to learn more.

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