It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. So, what did you buy your hunting dog to show it how much you care? I kid, kind of. Hunting dogs, and probably all dogs, are some of our very best hunting buddies. I spent most of last week nursing one of mine from a terrible case of pancreatitis. Dogs are great hunting partners, but they’re not our only ones. Friends, family, clients, mentees, and sometimes absolute strangers are all people we may one day hunt with. Do you know how to introduce someone who is new to hunting to our sport? The Hunting Wire makes it a point to run several stories about how to make new hunters, keep the hunters we have, and inspire people who used to hunt to reengage with our sport. In this issue we’re proud to have several stories which help educate, advocate, and inspire hunters from all walks of life. After my recent trip to Alabama with Mossberg to hunt Whitetails, I can tell you we are always learning. Look for that coming-of-age success story from your editor in our next issue. Sadly, we’re wrapping up our series about learning to hunt with your spouse written by Adam and Brenda Weatherby in this issue. Still, we have some great entertainment from Hunting Wire Radio, Cooks with Colton, and lots of news about our industry. Spring is just around the corner folks, so get ready to gobble after turkeys, hike after bears, and scout for elk, deer, and other critters across America.  As always, thank you for your support and feedback about The Hunting Wire, Jay Pinsky jay@theoutdoorwire.com