MAR 1, 2021   |   Bowhunting 101

Bowhunter Basecamp – How Are Arrows Made?

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By Easton Bowhunting

Video: How Are Arrows Made?

Easton's roots go back to 1922 as a family company making handcrafted archery equipment. Today Easton focuses on making the finest products with facilities in Utah Iowa and Indiana. Easton has become world-renowned for premier tubing products in fields such as archery, mountaineering, military, and healthcare. While others have moved production overseas Easton's continuing efforts to drive innovation and automation have allowed the company to stay competitive and keep production in the United States. Easton Salt Lake City headquarters date back to the early 1980s when the company first expanded beyond its California roots. Today most Easton products start right here in these hundred thousand square foot facility materials from across the country are brought together here carbon fiber from California and pre-preg carbon from Washington state. Aluminum from Iowa fundamental building blocks of Easton's products over the course of building every eastern precision tube dozens of individual operators and quality assurance experts perform checks to ensure that all products measure up to Easton's stringent standards of safety and quality. Easton aluminum tubing is used in archery arrows including FMJ ac and as the framework for tent structures in military and mountaineering. Aluminum tubing starts with flat strips of special alloys custom equipment rolls and fuses the stock creating a uniform tube. From here the tubes are annealed with heat to remove internal stresses and prepare it for further processing larger tubes are repeatedly drawn to smaller and thinner wall sizes getting more refined and stronger until they reach their final specified size shafts go to a multi-station automatic anodized facility to receive an exterior color or decoration. With a permanent finish from anodize every Easton shaft goes through multiple straightening processes to ensure precision and accuracy for arrows a uni bushing is mounted inside the shaft to allow the installation of a polymer nock used by archers to attach the arrow to the bowstring. Easton is proud to share the passion for archery with the finest arrows for archers everywhere....