NOV 10, 2020

First Lite Introduces New 'Specter' Whitetail-specific Camouflage Pattern

Ketchum, ID (November 2, 2020) First Lite, a brand synonymous with premium gear, design innovation, and active conservation today launched its new Specter whitetail deer specific camouflage pattern. An innovation years in the making, Specter was built off the scientific foundation of how whitetail see and the environments in which they are hunted.

First Lite created the new Specter pattern from the ground up using an approach that revolved around the anatomy of a deer’s eye and how they see. That combined with the brand’s knowledge and understanding of effective camouflage results in a pattern that allows it to excel in the full spectrum of whitetail hunting environments and seasons.

“The ability to disappear in the whitetail woods is specific to not only the way deer see the world around them, but also the environment and situations in which we hunt them,” said Gregg Farrell, First Lite’s Whitetail Product Line Manager. “These were the driving factors for why First Lite developed the Specter camouflage pattern and based on science and experience, we believe it to be the most effective whitetail pattern available.”

An ideal tree stand pattern engineered to break up the skyline effect that can occur when hunting off the ground, Specter operates on five tried and true First Lite camouflage principles. Large shape disruption, small/medium texture disruption, disruptive coloration, focal and depth confusion, and environmental flexibility combine to allow hunters to virtually disappear into their surroundings at any distance, short or long.

Specter is neither leaves and twigs nor digital camo. Rather, the camouflage’s macro and micro patterns and shapes work together with seven scientifically proven colors to effectively conceal hunters from the deer they’re hunting. From the first day of the season to the last, Specter is effective in any geographical region where whitetail deer are hunted.

The Specter pattern debuts this fall and will be fully available to consumers on First Lite product in the spring of 2021. First Lite will also be collaborating with a number of manufacturers to offer Specter on their products, including Mathews Archery which will feature the Specter pattern in its 2021bow line. For more information log onto

About First Lite

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