NOV 26, 2020

NRL Announces NRL HUNTER SERIES for the 2021 Season


November 19, 2020, Yorba Linda, CA – National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, is pleased to announce the inception of the NRL HUNTER series for the 2021 season.

The NRL HUNTER series has been developed to fill a void between hunters and their gear while testing their aptitude for the hunt. Often many hunters have little to no education about the gear they are using when going on a hunt. Through the NRL HUNTER series competitors will be able to learn about their equipment and how to properly use it to make an ethical harvest.

Unlike many other precision rifle competitions these matches will be geared towards practical hunting applications and designed to test all aspects of the competitors gear and skills. Matches will have blind stages meaning competitors will have to work as individuals to find range and engage targets within a set time frame. Competitors must carry all their gear throughout the entire match. The biggest two factors will be the rifles themselves. There will be 3 classifications: Open Heavy sub 16lbs, Open Light sub 12lbs, and Factory rifle which must meet a set power factor to qualify. Weight classification include everything mounted to the rifle such as scope, bipod, and sling but does not include the weight of the ammunition.

“Combining the precision rifle and hunting community only makes sense. With hunters taking further shots and adventuring to exciting new terrains, the NRL Hunter series will provide them a competitive series to become better hunters, while introducing them to precision rifle competitions to test their skills and gear,” stated Travis Ishida, NRL President.

The goal of the NRL HUNTER series is to get new and seasoned hunters out to learn about their equipment and skills with the end goal to qualify for the NRL HUNTER Championship known as the Grand Slam to be held in early August 2021 at the Cameo Shooting Complex in Grand Junction Colorado.

The 2021 NRL HUNTER series will consist of no more than 9 qualifying matches to attend the Grand Slam where competitors will be competing against each other for trophies and prizes from amazing sponsors.

A competition for hunters by hunters.

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