Fall hunting season is in full swing across the United States! From elk to pronghorn to mule deer and even wild turkeys, Americans are out and about enjoying the ethical pursuit of our country’s vast wild game resources. In this edition of The Hunting Wire we introduce the world to a terrific group of women hunters who formed Artemis. We also hear from another great woman of conservation, Sports Afield’s own Diana Rupp who is featured as a guest speaker in our Voice of Leadership Panel. We welcome Vortex Optics as an educational partner in a new Optics 101 series, we continue with Part 2 of Ken Perrotte’s Cooks with Colton, we learn all about the role sage grouse hunting has with conservation, how to create shooting opportunities with your bow, shotgun ammunition myths from the good folks at Fiocchi, and the Whitetail deer rut on Hunting Wire Radio! As always, thank you for your support and feedback about The Hunting Wire, Jay Pinsky