JAN 4, 2021

Cooks with Colton

Episode 5 – Venison Wellington

By Ken Perrotte

Video: Colton and Outdoors Rambler Ken Perrotte Cook Delicious Venison Wellington with a Cream Brandy Sauce

Here’s a "how-to" classic recipe in a new "Cooking with Colton" video by Ken Perrotte (www.outdoorsrambler.com) and his teen hunting pal Colton Josselyn. They demonstrate how to make a delicious Venison Wellington with a Cream Brandy Sauce. using a beautifully trimmed bottom round of venison. Their version of this "meat and pastry" dish features a "duxelles" of mushrooms instead of the more traditional (and expensive) goose liver "foie gras." Oven-roasted winter vegetables accent the plate. Venison Wellington can be challenging, but it is worth the effort when friends or family visit for special occasions. Check it out and share it with your friends. They'll thank you. Make a commitment to hunt with a youngster in 2021 and help them learn not only how to harvest the bounty but to also transform it into trophy quality on the plate.