FEB 4, 2019   |   HUNTING AMMO

Winchester Xpert Snow Goose Ammunition

Snow goose hunters travel thousands of miles following the migration. Whether you’re already a die-hard snow goose slayer or are just dreaming of becoming one, it’s a hunting and shooting experience like no other. Winchester has developed a snow goose specific ammunition that offers premium performance at a great value, by combining proprietary XPERT Steel Shot and the Diamond Cut Wad system to control the shot release and improve patterns. Xpert Snow Goose ammunition is available in 3-inch (1¼ ounce) and 3½-inch (13/8 ounce) 12 gauge loads, at 1475 and 1550 fps respectively. Goose are good eat’n, and this stuff should help you get them out of the air and on to the platter.