Artemis protects wildlife and wild places in myriad ways to ensure they remain healthy and vital for ours and future generations. We participate in and lead service projects that restore and enhance lands vital to wildlife. We engage decision makers and land mangers to seek outcomes and management decision that safeguard fish and wildlife, and our sporting opportunities. We push the sporting movement to adequately represent women and work to promote women’s leadership in the fish and wildlife fields. And we teach others, especially young people, how to be holistic conservationists who know their sport, the processes that affect it, and how to make positive changes to ensure the future of our sporting legacy.

RECRUITMENT, RETENTION AND REACTIVATION (R3): The Artemis website hosts a variety of useful tools for women who want to share and contribute to the hunting community. One of the most robust tools is the Artemis Podcast, which covers a variety of hunting and conservation topics tailored to women of all ages, abilities, and experiences.

CONSERVATION PARTNER EDUCATION SERIES: Artemis has a superb “how to” guide to conservation for the women they empower, but the advice works for everyone. Quick and Dirty Conservation Tips.