MAR 1, 2021

Ballistic Magazine February/March 2021, Bolder, Bigger & Bonder!

Welcome to the new and improved “Premier Firearms & Survival Magazine.” That’s the original motto we developed back when Ballistic premiered in 2015. Our commitment to excellence and refinement is an ongoing process as we strive to bring you the most entertaining, informative and visually appealing content about all things guns, survival and the self-reliant lifestyle.

As you can see from our For Your Eyes Only cover image starring Black Rifle Coffee Company co-founder Mat Best, we’re holding nothing back. It’s Bond ... it’s big ... it’s bold—much like Best’s remarkable story of successes in all manner of entrepreneurial endeavors, including his never-ending quest to help U.S. military veterans. You’ll learn a lot more about this man starting on page 32. Plus, visit for exclusive companion video with Best focusing on pop culture, as well as his time in the military and post-service life.

Subscribers will catch this quickly when hefting this issue—Ballistic is bigger than ever at 164 pages, yet we didn’t hike the price! With the newsstands being what they are today, it’s a smart financial move to subscribe at an even more reasonable price at The page-count growth, as you’ll see, has allowed us to give you an even broader mix of content and visuals, including a bigger dose of editorial related to survival and personal defense.

We also want to welcome our partners at our “Alpha Lifestyle” publication known as Skillset. Our editorial partners in crime will become regular contributors. To start, Jason Swarr’s “Excommunicado” piece (page 40) should flip your trigger if you’re a John Wick or James Bond fan.

Bonder? Yeah, that might be a stretch for a word, but we have an entire section dedicated to the big screen’s all-time greatest spy—Bond, James Bond. Perhaps the best part starts on page 12 where you have a chance to WIN an Outlaw Ordnance custom-engraved and gripped Walther PPK.

We say this issue is “For Your Eyes Only,” but truth be told, we hope you share it with a friend over a few dry martinis. Final note: This issue is served hot, but martinis are best served cold—and stirred, not shaken. Cheers!

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Carrie Roeder, Senior Director, Marketing and Operations