SEP 12, 2022   |   Letter From the Editor

Happy Hunting Season, everyone! We have a fantastic 2022-2023 year in store for you! The Hunting Wire has partnered with LSU, Benelli, and Barnett to bring you the Collegiate Rookie Series! Read all about this exciting new series built upon the original "Rookie" series we started last year! We also have a new series called Industry Interviews, where we go around our industry and learn all about what their products do and how they help us become better hunters. First up, onX Hunt! Kenny Corder continues his American Signature Podcast, and Ryan Hoover gives us the second lesson in Handgun Hunting 101! Our Voice of Leadership Panel formally introduces our panelists in this issue, and we kick off the first of many voices from our third cohort in the next issue! Stay tuned. As always, we bring you the latest and greatest news and information about our industry, and we look forward to another great season! If you have news or a question about The Hunting Wire, don't hesitate to contact me at!