JAN 23, 2023

Letter from the Editor

Happy After SHOT Show 2023! 

The SHOT Show 2023 - The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show, was a larger show than previous years - and exceptionally well-attended post-COVID.

The annual Las Vegas pilgrimage is about a lot more than what's new; it was and always will be about the firearms industry family friendships. I have a few, made a few, and I hope the same was true for you.

On that note, we've created a new section on The Hunting Wire called

NSSF News. 

Regardless of what we make, buy, sell, or support, NSSF have proven repeatedly to be a reliable, empowering source of news and information. Thus, if The Hunting Wire can help spread NSSF information, we will. 

One constant for us remains our Voice of Leadership Panel - and this edition's story from Ryan Hoover is one near and dear to many of us. be sure to check it out.  In March I'll annouce our first Voice of the Year awardee, and friends, it's going to a member of our community who is the epitome of selfless, capable, and empowering. Stay tuned for more in March.
Like many of you in our industry, I was preoccuppied with SHOT Show the last few weeks. Many of my writers were too. This edition of The Hunting Wire is light on stories and heavy on news. Our next issue  is much different. 
In February you'll read all about hunting cow elk in Utah, trophy whitetails in Kentucky, and much more. 
On a personal note, I scored a nice Remington 700 Mountain Rifle in 7x57 Mauser this weekend. Do we have any 7x57 Mauser fans out there? if so, email me your best memory from using yours for a new section beginning in March - Remember When.
This section will celebrate different classic rifle cartridges and the ageless memories we make with them. We'll kick it off in March with the 7X57 Mauser, (275 Rigby shooters are welcome too but please email me in the Queen's English). Limit your notes to 300 words or less and please include a picture capturing your memory. My email is jay@theoutdoorwire.com
It's an exciting time to belong to the hunting industry family, and if you're reading this that means you. Stay safe out there my friends, and see you again on Feb 6th!