MAR 1, 2021

Cooks with Colton

Episode 10 – Chicken-Fried Vension

By Ken Perrotte

Video: Chicken-Fried Venison

Chicken Fried Venison. Easy-to-make comfort food for the deer hunter. Outdoors Rambler Ken Perrotte teams up with Colton Josselyn to show you to make this simple, satisfying venison recipe. Well-trimmed meat is given the tenderizing treatment with both a "Mr. Tenderizer" and an old-fashioned meat mallet. Seasoned and quick fried, served alongside mashed potatoes with a cream gravy that added a little sausage gravy for extra flavor. Shot on location at Kinloch Farm in Essex County, Virginia, a place famous for annually hosting youth deer hunters sponsored by the Virginia Deer Hunters Association. Videotaped in partnership with The Hunting Wire. For the full written recipe, plus more videos and recipes, visit