FEB 16, 2021   |   Bowhunting 101

Bowhunter Basecamp – How To Prevent Shoulder Injuries In Archery

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By Easton Bowhunting

Video: How To Prevent Shoulder Injuries in Archery

DR. Preston Ward owner of MTN Physio goes over how to exercise before your hunt in order to prevent shoulder injury. Shoulder pain doesn’t have to be a part of bowhunting. Too many people suffer from shoulder pain while shooting their bow and preparing for the season which can limit their success in the field. Dr. Preston Ward, Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist, and owner of Mtn Physio shares his expertise with you on a few key exercises you can and should be doing regularly to prevent and recover from a shoulder injury. If you are like us, Bowhunting is a way of life. Being physically prepared and ready for the season is a critical part of the equation. Watch this video and enjoy as you learn about the rotator cuff and other periscapular muscles that help you draw back your bow. Suffering from shoulder pain or an injury? Follow along to do the exercises to help you rehab appropriately. As always, these videos are meant to be informative and not replace a visit to your health care provider. Prior to engaging in any of these drills it is recommended you follow up with your Health Care provider and make certain you are cleared for each activity. For other questions or concerns reach out to Dr. Ward at www.mtnphysio.com