MAR 6, 2023

Letter From The Editor

Welcome to March! It's pre-season for turkeys across America. What are you doing to get ready? Speaking of gobblers, The Hunting Wire is thrilled to congratulate former Hunting Wire Voice of Leadership Panelist Ken Perrotte on being named NWTF's Communicator of the Year! Great job, Ken!

In this edition of The Hunting Wire, we hear from Courtney Nicolson in the latest edition of our Voice of Leadership Panel. What's she got to say? Scroll down and find out! In our next edition, we'll have a guest panelist, Paul Kugelman, Jr., Legal Compliance Officer at the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, who wants to teach us how to engage decision-makers in the hunting world.

Speaking of hunting, outdoor writer Zach Hein advises breaking into small-game hunting. Please take a look at what Zach has to say.

As we defrost from winter, let’s all put in the work to scout, network, and prepare for a great spring turkey season. I know some of you will also hunt spring bears, and that’s quite a rush.

If you have questions or comments about The Hunting Wire, feel free to reach out to me at

Enjoy this issue, and have a great spring!

-- Jay