Happy belated Mother's Day to all of our moms out in the hunting industry!

My mom, Martha, was a massive supporter of my hunting ambitions as a kid, and she successfully kept me alive long enough for me to make it out of the house and into the U.S. Navy. She died when I was 19, but her work was done long before she left. Thanks to her and my dad, of course, I was very successful. I retired as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I earned my master's degree from Virginia Tech, am a licensed and ordained chaplain, serve on two non-profit boards, work full-time for USDA Rural Development and serve as your editor for The Hunting Wire. I'd like to think I'm a good man and a better friend. I earned a woman's love, and she'll let me marry her in a few weeks. Yeah, that's primarily thanks to my mom. Any screw-ups are my own doing, that's for sure.

Moms are unique creatures of any species. No one says watch out for a dad and his cubs. Nope - it's mom. Think a bull moose is dangerous; try a cow moose. I once had a hearty elk guide in Colorado show respect for a bull moose but have absolute fear for a cow moose. I bet more does have busted us than bucks, and countless wildlife moms have sacrificed their own lives to protect their families. Facts.

Mom, I love you, and thank you for everything. I hope Heaven is treating you well. You're gonna love Wendy.

I don't think I want to say anything else. No, let's just remember our moms.

Happy Mother's Day, Hunting Wire Family,

Martha Pinsky's son, Jay

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