MAR 1, 2021


When the opportunity to sponsor more ATA events transpired, Fiocchi Ammunition was all in!

Again, this year, Fiocchi Ammunition has agreed to a title sponsorship of The Grand American and The AIM Grand National Championships. The 122nd Grand American will be held August 4-14, 2021, with The AIM Grand held

July 30-August 3, 2021.

In addition to their title sponsorships, Fiocchi has committed to sponsoring specific events. Shooters will have the chance to compete in the Fiocchi Ammunition Doubles, Event #14 at The Grand American. The Nostalgia Shoot,

a tribute to the past during the Grand, exhibits a friendly competition that continues to grow in participants each year.

As for the AIM Grand National Championships, youth competitors will vie for a trophy in The AIM Singles Championship presented by Fiocchi Ammunition. This year, Fiocchi will also sponsor the highly anticipated, Annie Oakley Challenge. This is one of the most exciting events during the AIM Grand. AIM participants look forward to the camaraderie and rivalry each year.

Enhancing their youth support, Fiocchi Ammunition will be the official sponsor of two additional AIM events held in 2021. The AIM Zone Championship in May and the AIM Online Handicap Championship held in October will both be presented by Fiocchi. It is clear Fiocchi Ammunition understands the importance of youth shooters and the future of shooting sports.

The backing Fiocchi has shown to ATA & AIM shooters is commendable. The ATA greatly appreciates Fiocchi Ammunition’s receptiveness to broaden their sponsorships. This increase in support reinforces the partnership established between ATA and Fiocchi Ammunition. The ATA is confident this is the beginning of a long-standing relationship.

About the ATA - The ATA serves as the faithful protector of trapshooting and its mission is to promote and oversee the sport throughout the world. Established in 1899, the ATA is the oldest and the largest clay target shooting organization in the world. This non-profit organization governs the sport's rules and regulations. In addition, the ATA actively seeks ways to further enhance the sport and increase participation. Annually, ATA members participate in 6,000 plus registered tournaments and shoot at more than 60 million targets. The ATA encompasses an official youth program, as well. AIM, representing Academic, Integrity, and Marksmanship, serves to provide a safe and positive experience with firearms and registered trapshooting for youth members

About Fiocchi - Fiocchi was founded in 1876 in Lecco Italy and has been producing high quality ammunition ever since. In the 1950s, Fiocchi began importing ammunition into the United States and by the 1980s demand had grown and the decision was made to build a manufacturing facility in the US In 1983 a site in Ozark Missouri was chosen, right in the heart of America, and a facility was built on a former dairy farm. Since then we have continued to grow and expand, currently employing nearly 200 hardworking Americans to produce some of the highest quality shotshell and centerfire ammunition available.