NOV 10, 2020

The Crossover of Sage Grouse Hunting & Conservation

The story of sage grouse & the importance of conserving their habitats

Lander, Wyoming, November 3, 2020,| Wyoming Wildlife Federation -- “These birds are an identity of Wyoming” - Wyoming Wildlife Federation Ambassador, Sam Stein

Sportsmen and women who have wandered the vast sagebrush expanses of Wyoming looking for grouse know, there’s nothing like the feeling of coming upon a covey greater-sage grouse during hunting season. Home to over 50% of the world’s population, there is no place like Wyoming to find these sage grouse in their naturally connected landscapes.

Thousands of upland hunters take to the sagebrush annually in Wyoming, but conserving critical habitat is crucial for the future of sage grouse hunting. “If you don’t protect something, there won’t be anything to hunt,” says CZ-USA’s Bobby Holik. Bobby is an avid outdoorsman and former NHL player with two Stanely Cups, who joined WWF ambassador Sam Stein and the storytellers at Project Upland for the film, Worth Protecting.

The film shows the crossroads of hunting and conservation, enjoying the recreational value of a species, as well as the necessity for protecting them.

The beautiful storytelling and cinematography found in Worth Protecting are sure to inspire anyone to walk the sagebrush for grouse and ensure those habitats remain for future generations to do the same.

Thanks to CZ-USA and Project Upland for making this film possible.

Watch the Worth Protecting Film here →