FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Timney Triggers has revamped their standard Remington 700 drop-in trigger to make it more user-friendlier and ideally suited to hunters.


I spent my childhood with a gun. Before I’d really kissed a girl, I was out hunting on my own. Um, I take that back; when I was in first grade several girls held me down on the playground and kissed me repeatedly. It was a traumatic experience. But, in my defense, there were four of them and only one of me.

My early firearms education was rather archaic, mostly limited to being told to; not point that thing at anyone, don’t jerk the trigger, and not to waste ammo. Since then I’ve attended many shooting schools, and it’s made me a decent shot. Looking at my resume though, you’d think I could perform at the John Wick level. I can’t. This might lead you to believe learning to shoot well, is about as hard as skinning a cat, in the dark, with a candle, and a butter knife. It’s not.

If you’ve been thinking about extending your big game rifle’s effective range, that’s a good thing. With modern rifles and hi-tech optics, it’s easier than ever before. Of course, you need the requisite skill to take a long poke at that thirty-point buck, but you also need the right ammunition. I’m not just talking about accurate ammunition; I’m talking about ammo that’s loaded with a bullet capable of delivering top end terminal performance at distance.

Most of the bullets we’ve relied on for years simply will not expand with the low impact velocities you get when shooting a long ways out there. Norma has a new line of ammunition, purpose built for long range hunting applications. It’s called Bondstrike Extreme, and 180-grain loads will initially be available in 308 Winchester, 30-06, 300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Winchester Short Magnum, and 300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

Snow goose hunters travel thousands of miles following the migration. Whether you’re already a die-hard snow goose slayer or are just dreaming of becoming one, it’s a hunting and shooting experience like no other. Winchester has developed a snow goose specific ammunition that offers premium performance at a great value, by combining proprietary XPERT Steel Shot and the Diamond Cut Wad system to control the shot release and improve patterns. Xpert Snow Goose ammunition is available in 3-inch (1¼ ounce) and 3½-inch (13/8 ounce) 12 gauge loads, at 1475 and 1550 fps respectively. Goose are good eat’n, and this stuff should help you get them out of the air and on to the platter.

Too many times hunters get caught up in the technical aspects of optical quality and forget one of the most important features of a hunting binocular – it has to fit your face. Sig Sauer


American hunters have lived by the Winchester Model 70, Remington 700, Ruger 77, and various Browning bolt-action rifles for a long time. Like Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, we’ve trusted these brands, and find it hard to accept there might be other options. Mossberg – who by the way introduced a new handgun this year – has long been regarded as a fine shotgun company, but they’ve recently got serious about centerfire rifles. Incidentally, the first firearm Mossberg every produced was a handgun.


I love my new crossbow, I shoot it off my picnic table in the backyard and man this thing is dead accurate at 50+ yards. I thought I should probably practice from my backyard ladder stand too, and I was quick to notice that it was not as easy to hold the crossbow steady while in the stand. I needed something to rest my crossbow on to sturdy up my shot. Since I’m also a bowhunter, I’d never installed the shooting rail on my ladder stand because I thought I’d never need it. So, it went in the trash. (Potts Creek Outfitters)


It used to be hunters did a lotta deer dragging. This was back before the proliferation of the ATV, and the TV-hunting-show notion that to be a real hunter, you must have a fancy little 4x4 buggy. The first time I killed a deer while out hunting on my own, I was 14, and over a mile from camp. I tied a rope to it and drug it all the way back. I learned a lot on that drag.

I learned that the further you drag a deer, the heavier it gets. If you want to brag about how big a deer you killed, I’d suggest you forget about antlers and start bragging about weight. Here’s the cool thing about deer weight, for every 100 yards you drag a deer, you can legitimately add a pound or two. That 110-pound doe I killed up on the side of a mountain weighed more than 135 pounds when we got back to camp!


I spend more than a month in Africa every year, and I spend it at the same place. If you are looking for a tailor made safari, where you will be treated like family, look no further. (Fort Richmond Safaris)

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